About AD XL

Catherine Metry founded AD XL Promotional Advertising, Inc. in 1989 at age 22. Over the years AD XL, a niche advertising and marketing firm that creates and sells promotional packages for her clients has expanded to a million dollar company. Cathy and her employees start their workday with JUICE – which stands for “Join Us in Creating Enthusiasm!”

Cathy has built her success on what she calls “face to face marketing” on behalf of her clients. Here is the premise: AD XL works with small companies to develop promotional packages that will generate traffic in their stores, gyms, florist shops and salons. Cathy and her sales team then go door-to-door to other businesses in the area selling the packages. AD XL keeps the money from the promotions to help pay for the cost of designing and printing. The client has NO upfront costs – they simply approve the package and provide the service/products to the new customers that come in.

“We try to assess clients and pick ones that have established credibility and a reputation of providing great service,” says Metry. “We can bring people through the doors guaranteed, but it is up to the client to keep them.” Metry, a graduate of Northwood Institute in Midland Michigan has attracted the attention of large companies such as Estee Lauder and Little Caesar’s Pizza.