AD XL Concept

AD XL Can Promote Your Business

AD XL Promotional Advertising, Inc. is the “perfect fit” for you and your business. We offer you a unique opportunity to advertise in a very unique way. At no out-of-pocket cost to you, we create “unlimited” awareness, enthusiasm, and a guaranteed consumer commitment for your business. Our specialty begins with a series of personal solicitations, which successfully result in an aggressive word of mouth campaign.

We do for you what WE DO BEST – professional, word of mouth advertising to targeted business areas with a guarantee to bring new customers through your doors. You, then, have the opportunity to build new clients and lasting relationships by doing what YOU do best… outstanding work coupled with fabulous service and positive attitude. That is what sets YOU apart from others in the industry.

We take our concept one step further by offering you a complete coverage of targeted business areas and also a complete follow-up customer list for future marketing and mailing lists. That means that when your promotion is over, you still have valuable information about all of your new clients to use for future in-house promotions.

AD XL Promotional Advertising, Inc. offers you an opportunity to advertise for FREE. There is no out-of-pocket advertising expense. AD XL, through invitation sales, pays for all proofing, design & layout, printing costs, representative training and commissions. Our company overhead costs are also included. Your costs are services you provide to new customers through the invitations. Now, instead of investing your advertising dollars into other advertising methods, your advertising dollars are being invested right back into your clients. YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR ADVERTISING DOLLARS ARE GOING! The approach is live, professional and fun!! AD XL – the perfect fit for your business.

Additional AD XL Services

Staff Training and Consulting Seminars
Staff Sales Training
Motivational Staff Meetings
Customer Relations Training
Public Relations

Specialty Services
Menu / Service and Price Brochure Design
Graphics / Printing
Federal and State Trademark and Copyright Services